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"«ʿĀlam al-ams» li-Shtīfān Tsfāygh.. mirʾāt ʿan ʿālam māḍawī «mayyit»: ʿan Ūrūbā al-mutaghayyirah bi-fiʿl al-junūn al-kullī al-muḥibb li-safk al-dimāʾ" [Stefan Zweig's "The World of Yesterday"... a Mirror of a "Deceased" World of the Past: about the Europe Which Transformed Itself Due to Total Insanity Fond of Shedding Blood]. Translated from French and edited by Aḥmad ʿUthmān in Al-Ittiḥād [The Union] [ِAbu Dhabi], Vol. 49, No. 15472 [25 December 2016], pp. ??. Published by the Sharikat Abū Ẓaby li-l-Iʿlām [Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADM)], [Abū Ẓaby] Abu Dhabi

Published online:


This is a translation of an original French review published under the pseudonym Un amateur éclectique: "Nouvelle traduction du poignant témoignage d'un Européen sur un rêve culturel et politique défunt; indispensable" in amazon.fr [Clichy], 30 April 2016. See:




This review deals with Le Monde d'hier. Souvenirs d'un Européen [The French translation of Die Welt von Gestern. Erinnerungen eines Europäers]. Translated by Dominique Tassel. Paris: Éditions Gallimard, 2013, Reprinted 2016

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