A Promise

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[2013]: Fidélité Films, Paris

A Promise [A color film drama based on Stefan Zweig's novella "Widerstand der Wirklichkeit" / "Journey into the Past"]

Language: English
Director: Patrice Leconte
Film editor: Joelle Hache
Script writers: Patrice Leconte and Jérôme Tonnere
Cast: Rebecca Hall, Alan Rickman, Richard Madden, Toby Murray, Maggie Steed, Shannon Tarbet, Jean-Louis Sbille et al.
Music by : Gabriel Yared
Cinematographer: Edaurdo Serra
Runtime: 1 hour and 38 minutes
Released in Canada at the Toronto International Film Festival, September 2013
Released in France on 16 April 2014; released in the United States on 18 April 2014
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