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[1]. "Stīfān Sfāygh yuḥallil bi-qalam rajul sulūk imraʾah ʿāshiqah fī yawm wa-laylah: armalah tanjadhib ilā shābb ʿāshiq min imraʾah ukhrā; daʿwah li-fahm al-ḥubb lā al-ḥukm ʿalayhi" [With the Pen of a Man Stefan Zweig Analyses the Behaviour of an Enamoured Woman in a Day and a Night. A Widow Is Drawn towards a Young Man Who Loves Another Woman. An Invitation to Understand Love, Not to Judge It] in Al-ʿArab [The Arabs] [London], 38:9956 [22 June 2015], p. 16

This is a theater review of Érich-Emmanuel Schmitt's adaptation of Stefan Zweig's "Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme" [Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau], directed by Steve Suissa together with Clémentine Célarié and staged at the Théâtre Rive Gauche in Paris in 2015.

The review is also published online:

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[2]. "'ʿĀlam al-ams' : dhikrāyāt Stīfān Zfāygh al-ūrūbī al-khāʾib tumasraḥ fī Bārīs" ["The World of Yesterday": the Memories of Stefan Zweig, the Disillusioned European, Are Staged in Paris] in Al-ʿArab [The Arabs] [London], 38:10263 [02 May 2016], p. 16

This is a review of Laurent Seksik's adaptation of Stefan Zweig's "Le monde d'hier" [Die Welt von Gestern], directed by Patrick Pineau, starring Jérôme Kircher, and staged at the Théâtre des Mathurins in Paris in 2016

The review is also published online:

[3]. "Stīfān Zfāygh yasbur fī 'Al-Khawf' aghwār al-nafs al-bashariyyah" [In "Fear" Stefan Zweig Explores the Depths of the Human Psyche] in Al-ʿArab [The Arabs] [London], 39:10626 [08 May 2017], p. 16

Published online:

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This is a theater review of Stefan Zweig's "La peur" [Angst. Novelle], as adapted and directed by Élodie Menan, starring Hélène Degy, Aliocha Itovich and Ophélie Marsaud, and staged at the Théâtre Michel in Paris in 2017

The poster for the play is online:

[4]. "'Al-ʿAdāʾ fī ḥālat amūk'.. an taṭīr bi-qadamayka li-tastaqbil al-mawt" [Aggression in the State of Amok... Like Flying with Open Eyes into the Face of Death] in Al-ʿArab [The Arabs] [London], 40:10762 [25 September 2017], p. 16

Published online:

This is a theater review of Stefan Zweig's "Amok ou le fou de Malaisie" [Der Amokäufer], as adapted by Alexis Moncorgé, directed by Caroline Darnay together with Alexis Moncorgé, and staged first at the Théâtre de Poche Montparnasse in Paris in 2016 and thereafter at the Théâtre Le Lucernaire in the same city in 2017

The posters for the performances in both theaters are online:

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