Hurūb ilā 'llāh

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[1976]: al-Sharikah al-Waṭanīyah li-l-Nashr wa'l-Tawzī, al-Jazā'ir [Algiers]

Al-Hurūb ilā 'llāh [Die Flucht zu Gott]. Translated by Abū 'l-'Īd Dūdū [Abou El Aid Doudou]. 69p. Reprinted 1979

NB: Stefan Zweig's Algerian translator, the late writer Abū 'l-'Īd Dūdū [Abou El Aid Doudou. 31 January 1934-15 January 2004], a professor of comparative literature at the University of Algiers, was the translator of many Austrian authors. In addition to Stefan Zweig, other famous names like Arthur Schnitzler and Franz Kafka were among them. His Arabic translations of "Brennendes Geheimnis" and "Die Mondscheingasse" remained manuscripts. A special web page is dedicated to Prof. Doudou's life and work. See:

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