Al-Mufrijī, ʿAlāʾ

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"Al-Laʿbah al-malakiyyah" [The Royal Game] in Awrāq [Papers] [Baghdad], 8 April 2017, pp. ??. Awrāq [Papers] is a weekly cultural supplement to the Iraqi daily Al-Madā [The Reach]

Published online:

This is a review of the Arabic translation of "Schachnovelle":

Lāʿib al-shaṭranj [Schachnovelle]. Translated by Yaḥyā Ḥaqqī [Yahya Hakki]. 83p. 2nd edition. Baghdād/Bayrūt/Dimashq [Baghdad/Beirut/Damascus]: Dār al-Madā li-l-Thaqāfah waʾl-Nashr [Al-Mada for Media, Culture and Arts], 2017

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