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"Risālah min imraʾah majhūlah" [Brief einer Unbekannten] in Kuttāb al-ʿIrāq: minbar al-kātib al-ʿirāqī / [The Writers of Iraq: The Pulpit of the Iraqi Writer] [Iraq], No. ? [20 October 2010], p. ?

Published online:

This is a review of the Arabic translation "Risālah min imraʾah majhūlah" of Stefan Zweig's "Brief einer Unbekannten". Although the reviewer mentions that, back in the 1960s, he read a translation by Muḥammad Quṭb, he does not make it clear on which of the different Arabic translations his present review is based. "Kuttāb al-ʿIrāq: minbar al-kātib al-ʿirāqī /" is an Iraqi online community offering Iraqi authors a platform for publishing articles and poems

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