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Ausstellung Gustinus Ambrosi im Kunstmuseum [Kunstverein St. Gallen. August-September 1923]. Catalogue. Forewords by Romain Rolland and Stefan Zweig. 18p. Illustrated. St. Gallen: Tschudy Verlag, 1923 [2nd impression 1923]. Romain Rolland's foreword, p. 7. Stefan Zweig's foreword, pp. 7-9

An excerpt [translated into French by L. Halberstem]:

"Gustinus Ambrosi" in Pages d'Art [Genève], 10:1 [January 1924], pp. 1-2

Reprinted as the preface to Gustinus Ambrosi's autobiographical essay "Trente ans de surdité" in La Revue des Vivants [Paris], 9:9 [September 1935], pp. 1425-1430. Stefan Zweig's "(Ambrosi Gustinus)", pp. 1425-1426

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