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"Al-Mukhrij Wis Andirsūn: Stīfān Tsfāyj maṣdar ilhāmī" [Film Director Wes Anderson: "Stefan Zweig Is the Source of My Inspiration"]. Translated by Najāḥ al-Jubaylī in Al-Madā [The Reach] [Baghdad], No. 3164 [3 September 2014], p. ??

Published online:

This is a translation of the first half of George Prochnik's interview with Wes Anderson "'I Stole from Stefan Zweig': Wes Anderson on the Author Who Inspired His Latest Movie" in The Telegraph [London], 8 March 2014, pp. ??

See: <>. The name of the interviewer George Prochnik is suppressed in the translation. The interview deals with Anderson's dramatic-comedy film "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (2014), which is based on several of Stefan Zweig's works

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