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"Durūs daʿawiyyah wa-ḥaḍāriyyah min kitāb "Mājillān qāhir al-biḥār"" [Missionary and Civilizational Lessons from the Book "Conqueror of the Seas. The Story of Magellan"] in Mahārāt al-daʿwah [dawahskills / Missionary Skills], [Kuwait], 27 December 2017

The webpage Mahārāt al-daʿwah [dawahskills / Missionary Skills] is published by the Jamʿiyyat al-Najāt al-Khayriyyah [Al-Najat Charity], Kuwait

Published online:

In this bigoted review of the Arabic translation Mājillān. Qāhir al-biḥār: qiṣṣat awwal man ṭāfa ḥawla ʾl-arḍ [of Stefan Zweig's Magellan. Der Mann und seine Tat] neither the Austrian-Jewish author himself nor the Egyptian translator Ḥabīb Jāmātī nor the date (1965) or place of publication nor the name of the Cairene publishing house Al-Dār al-Qawmiyyah li-l-Ṭibāʿah waʾl-Nashr [National Publication & Printing House] are mentioned. Instead, the reader is told that Magellan did not discover anything new the Muslims had not already known "more than five or six centuries" before him by the means of Coranic and Hadith exegesis alone

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