Bin Ḥammūdah, Ḥakīm / Ben Hammouda, Hakim

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"Taʾammulāt fī sanah munqaḍiyah!" [Reflections on a Year Gone By!], in: Al-Maghrib : yawmiyyah mustaqillah / Le Maghreb [The Maghreb. An Independent Daily] [Tunis] No. 1037 [9 January 2017], pp. ??. The Tunisian economist Ḥakīm Bin Ḥammūdah [Hakim Ben Hammouda] takes Zweig's autobiography "Die Welt von Gestern. Erinnerungen eines Europäers", probably relying on one of its French translations, as a starting point for comparing the economic and political crises of the interwar years leading to World War II with the present crises which anew shake the world economy and the democratic order

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