Briefwechsel: Maxim Gorki - Stefan Zweig

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[1971]: Verlag Philipp Reclam Junior, Leipzig

Maxim Gorki - Stefan Zweig. Briefwechsel. Edited with a foreword by Kurt Böttcher. Translated from the Russian by Irmgard Neugebauer and from the French by Helga Hasselbach. 109/(3)p. [Universal-Bibliothek, 456]. 3rd edition. 99/(5)p. 1980. New edition. 119/(7)p. Frankfurt am Main: Insel-Verlag, 1974 [Insel-Bücherei, 995]

See also: Stefan Zweig. "An Maxim Gorki", 1971 edition, pp. 58-61; 1974 edition, pp. 68-72; 1980 edition, pp. 54-57

These letters first appeared as "Perepiska A. M. Gor'kogo i Stefana Tsveiga" [Translated from the French by N. A. Kogan and from the German by N.N. Zhegalov]in Perepiska A. M. Gor'kogo s zarubezhnymi literatorami. Edited by N. N. Zhegalov et al. Moskva: Akademiia Nauk SSSR, 1960, pp. 11-(50) [Akademiia Nauk SSSR. Institut mirovoi literatury. Arkiv A. M. Gor'kogo, 8]. Zweig to Gorki, 33 letters, 29 August 1923-January 1936; Gorki to Zweig, 14 letters and postcards, 18 September 1923-18 January 1930.

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