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"Dari ranjang dingin sampai pisau Guillotine: resensi buku" [From Cold Beds to the Blade of the Guillotine: Book Review] in Pustaka Preanger: Jl. Solontongan No. 20-D, Buahbatu – Bandung [The Preanger Library: Solontongan Rd. 20-D, Buahbatu, Bandung], 10 August 2016

Published online:

This is a review of the Indonesian translation:

Marie Antoinette: wajah seorang wanita [Marie Antoinette. Bildnis eines mittleren Charakters]. Translated by Ali Audah from the English intermediate translation "Marie Antoinette. The Portrait of an Average Woman". 1st edition. 257p. Jakarta: Pustaka Jaya, 1986

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