Chateaubriand, François René Auguste

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[1924]: Rikola Verlag, Wien/Leipzig/München

Chateaubriand, François René Auguste, Vicomte de. Romantische Erzählungen. Revised versions by Stefan Zweig of earlier German translations and edited with a foreword by Stefan Zweig. 184/(2)p. [Romantik der Weltliteratur. Edited by Franz Karl Ginzkey]. Stefan Zweig's "Vorwort", pp. 5-8. The volume was reprinted in 1928 by the Hanns Grass Verlag, Berlin/Leipzig. Contents: [1]. Stefan Zweig's "Vorwort"; [2]. René; [3]. Atala; [4]. Der Letzte der Abencerragen

Stefan Zweig's foreword reprinted as "Chateaubriand" in:

Europäisches Erbe [Frankfurt am Main, 1960], No. 2, pp. (82)-84; [Frankfurt am Main, 1981], No. 2, pp. 68-70 [3rd-7th editions, No. 2, pp. 85-88]
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