Das brennende Geheimnis

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{{DEFAULTSORTKEY:Brennende Geheimnis}}
{{DEFAULTSORTKEY:Brennende Geheimnis}}

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[1923]: Comedia-Film GmbH, Berlin

Das brennende Geheimnis [A film drama based on Stefan Zweig's novella "Brennedes Geheimnis". Also known as "Mutter, dein Kind ruft" in German; "L'appel de l'enfant" in French; and "The Burning Secret" in English]

Language: German
Director: Rochus Gliese
Art directors: Rochus Gliese and Kurt Kahle
Script writer: Hans [Hanns] Janowitz
Cast: Ernst Deutsch, Otto Gebühr, Wilhelm Diegelmann, Olga Belajeff et al.
Cinematographer: Curt Helling
Distributed by: Filmhaus Bruckmann, Berlin
Runtime: ?
Released in Germany on 27 September 1923
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