Der Amokläufer . Amok

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[1993]: Librairie Générale Française, Paris

Der Amokläufer . Amok [A bilingual edition]. French translation by Alzir Hella and Olivier Bournac. Revised translation, with explanatory linguistic notes on every page, by Brigitte Vergne-Cain and Gérard Rudent. The preface [dated July 1992] was also by Brigitte Vergne-Cain and Gérard Rudent. 191p. [Le Livre de poche, 8761]


Introduction: Du bon usage de l'exotisme [Brigitte Vergne-Cain and Gérard Rudent], pp. (5)-11
Der Amokläufer . Amok, pp. (12)-191 [The German version is printed on the even-numbered pages; the French translation on the odd-numbered pages]
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