Drei Leben - Friderike, Lotte und Stefan Zweig

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[1993]: Matzka-Kiener-Filmproduktion, München

Drei Leben - Friderike, Lotte und Stefan Zweig [Zweig's relations with his first wife, Friderike Maria, and his second wife, Lotte, as well as his acclaimed autobiography Die Welt von Gestern, form the basis for this film which is in essence a dramatic recount of the last ten years of his life

Language: German
Directors: Wilma Kiener and Dieter Matzka
Script writer: Wilma Kiener
Cinematographer: Dieter Matzka
Cast:Christopher Kuerzeder, Esther Gajek, Nathalie Mas, Harry Zohn, Klemens Renoldner et al.
Musik: Theo Flury
Film editor: Constance Bennecke
Sound manager: Andreas Hamory
Runtime: 52 minutes
Filmed in color
Filmed in Salzburg, London, Bath, Paris, New York, Nizza, and the Netherlands
Available in English as: Three Lives - Friederike, Lotte and Stefan Zweig
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