Huebsch, Benjamin

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[1]. Butler Library, Columbia University, New York, NY: Stefan Zweig to Ben Huebsch, 1 letter, 9 January 1934

[2]. The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.: Stefan Zweig to Ben Huebsch, ca. 289 letters; Ben Huebsch to Stefan Zweig, ca. 100 letters, 1926-1942. Plus 68 miscellaneous items [Contracts, royalty statements, letters by others, etc.]

Berlin, Jeffrey B. "Stefan Zweig's Unpublished Letters of 1938 to Ben Huebsch" in Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Geistesgeschichte [Halle an der Saale/Stuttgart], 61:2 [June 1987], pp. 325-358. Stefan Zweig to Ben Huebsch, 28 letters and postcards, 11 January-23 December 1938. These pages also contain three letters of Stefan Zweig to Trevor Blewitt [6, 7, and 8 December 1928] as well as excerpts from other letters to or by Stefan Zweig, e.g. Ben Huebsch to Stefan Zweig, Stefan Zweig to Gisella Selden-Goth, Stefan Zweig to René Schickele, et al.

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