L' unité spirituelle du monde / Die geistige Einheit der Welt

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[[Category:Essays / Individual Essays (German)]]
[[Category:Essays / Individual Essays (German)]]
{{DEFAULTSORTKEY:unité spirituelle du monde}}
{{DEFAULTSORTKEY:Unité spirituelle du monde}}

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"L'unité spirituelle du monde" in Die Neue Rundschau [Berlin/Frankfurt am Main], 124:4 [2013], pp. 257-277. Introduction by Alberto Dines. This as yet unpublished lecture by Stefan Zweig was delivered on 27 August 1936 in Rio de Janeiro


Alberto Dines. "Stefan Zweig. L'unité spirituelle du monde. Der Schwanengesang des Utopiensammlers" [Translated from Portuguese into German by Marlen Eckl], pp. 257-262
Stefan Zweig. "L'unité spirituelle du monde", pp. 263-277. The first two paragraphs contain some sentences in French; the rest of the lecture is in German
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