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"La Confusion des sentiments. Notes personelles du conseiller privé R. von D." [Verwirrung der Gefühle. Private Aufzeichnungen des Geheimrates R. v. D.] in:

Oeuvres romanesques [Paris, 2001], Vol. II, No. 9, pp. (90)-(196)
Romans et nouvelles [Paris, 1991], No. 14, pp. (471)-552
Romans, nouvelles et récits [Paris, 2013], Vol. 1, No. 37, pp. (973)-1051. Commentary, pp. 14-14-1417. Annotations, pp. 1417-1418

See: La Confusion des sentiments: 13 printed volumes between 1929 and 2013, a 2010 stage play, plus sound recordings, video discs and a video cassette

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