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"Clarissa" in Austriaca. Cahiers universitaires d'information sur l'Autriche [Université de Rouen], 17:34 [June 1992], No. 9, pp. (85)-90
"Un Européen fervent" in Le Magazine Littéraire [Paris], No. 531 [May 2013], No. 15, pp. 70-71 [Contains a photograph of the congress of the pacifist movement "Amsterdam-Pleyel" created in 1932 by Henri Barbusse and Romain Rolland. A photograph of Rolland is attached in the upper left-hand corner]
"Préface" in Derniers messages [2013], No. 1, pp. (7)-26
"Représentations de la condition juive" in Europe. Revue littéraire mensuelle [Paris], 73:794/795 [June/July 1995], No. 7, pp. (37)-54
"Zweig, plus actuel que jamais" in Stefan Zweig. Die geistige Einheit der Welt [Rio de Janeiro, 2017], [III]. Jacques Le Rider, No. 4, pp. 61-62. Written in French
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