Los ojos del hermano eterno y Miedo

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[1957]: Editorial Juventud, Barcelona

Los Ojos del hermano eterno y Miedo. Translation by the Editorial Juventud, Barcelona. Foreword by Carlos Soldevila. Illustrated by Lorenzo Goñi. Cover illustration by Lorenzo Goñi. 159/(1)p. [Colección libros de bolsillo z, 25]. 1st edition, April 1957. 2nd edition, December 1961. 3rd edition, September 1968


Prólogo [Foreword by Carlos Soldevila], pp. 5-(8). This is an excerpt from his foreword to Obras completas de Stefan Zweig, No. 1, pp. (11)-36
Los ojos del hermano eterno [Die Augen des ewigen Bruders], pp. (9)-78. Contains 9 illustrations by Lorenzo Goñi. See: Die Augen des ewigen Bruders. Eine Legende [1922]
Miedo [Angst], pp. (79)-(160). Contains 13 illustrations by Lorenzo Goñi. See: Angst. Novelle [1913]
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