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"«Sīrat Biyāf» wa-«Nihāyat Stīfān Zfaygh» ʿalā khashabatay «Dūnū» wa-«Anṭuwān» fī Bārīs" ["Piaf's Life" and "The End of Stefan Zweig" Staged in the "Daunou" and the "Antoine" in Paris] in Al-Mustaqbal [The Future] [Beirut], No. 4510 [5 November 2012], p. 21. The Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal [The Future] is published by al-Sharikah al-ʿArabiyyah al-Muttaḥidah li-l-Ṣaḥāfah [Arab United Press], Beirut

Published online:

This is a theater review of two plays, which were both staged in Paris in 2012-2013. The first play, "Piaf, une vie en rose et noir", written by Jacques Pessis and directed by Nathalie Lermitte, was staged at the Théâtre Daunou, starring Nathalie Lermitte, Jacques Pessis and Aurélien Noël. The second play, "Les derniers jours de Stefan Zweig", written by Laurent Seksik and directed by Gérard Gelas, was staged at the Théâtre Antoine, starring Patrick Timsit and Elsa Zylberstein

The posters for the performances of both plays are online:



See: M., K.

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