Messages from a Lost World

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[2016]: Pushkin Press, London

Messages from a Lost World. Europe on the Brink. Translated with an Introduction by Will Stone. Foreword by John Gray. 216p


A quotation from Pablo Casals, p. (5)
Contents, p. (7)
Foreword [John Gray], pp. 9-12
A quotation from Stefan Zweig's "Response to an enquiry on the European spirit" [published in Les Nouvelles littéraires [Paris], 4 July 1936], p.13
A quotation from Jules Romains [Stefan Zweig, grand Européen, 1939], p. 13
A quotation from Friedrich Nietzsche [Beyond Good and Evil, 1886], p. (14)
Translator's Introduction [Will Stone], pp. 15-37
Essays by Stefan Zweig, pp. (39)-212
Details of First Publication, pp. 213-216

Essays by Stefan Zweig:
The Sleeples World, pp. (39)-49. See: Die schlaflose Welt
The Tower of Babel, pp. (51)-59. See: Der Turm zu Babel
History as a Poetess, pp. (61)-83. See: Die Geschichte als Dichterin
European Thought in Its Historical Development, pp. (85)-111. See: Der europäische Gedanke in seiner historischen Entwicklung
The Unification of Europe, pp. (113)-123. See: Einigung Europas
1914 and Today, pp. (125)-134. See: 1914 und heute
The Secret of Artistic Creation, pp. (135)-158. See: Das Geheimnis des künstlerischen Schaffens
The Historiography of Tomorrow, pp. (159)-181. See: Geschichtsschreibung von morgen
The Vienna of Yesterday, pp. (183)-206. See: Das Wien von gestern
In This Dark Hour, pp. (207)-212. See: In dieser dunklen Stunde


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