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"Qaṣṣū shaʿrahā wa-qadhafūhā fī ʾl-qādhūrāt. Qiṣṣat ṣāḥibat ashhar jumlah fī akbar azmah: Intahat ḥayātuhā bi-faṣl raʾsihā ʿan jasadihā" [They Sheared Off Her Hair and Hurled It into the Garbage. The Story of the Woman with the Most Famous Sentence in the Biggest Crisis: Her Life Came to an End, When Her Head Was Separated from Her Body] in Al-Miṣrī al-yawm lāyt [The Egyptian Today - Light] [Cairo], 1 November 2016

Published online:

This is a short biography of Marie Antoinette, based in particular on Stefan Zweig's Marie Antoinette. Bildnis eines mittleren Charakters. Although the Egyptian journalist does not mention it expressly, her account is probably based on one of the several Arabic translations of the book

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