Ori mgossani ṭvisi zc̣ovrebissa

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[1986]: "Merani", Tbilisi

Orimgossani ṭvisi zc̣ovrebissa [Zwei Dichter ihres Lebens]. Translated with a foreword and commentaries by Ḳarlo J̌orǰaneli. 243/(1)p.


Zinasitkvaoba [Ḳarlo J̌orǰaneli], pp. 5-13
Sṭendali [Stendhal], pp. 14-108
Lev Ṭolsṭoi [Tolstoi], pp. 109-234
Ḳomenṭarebi [Ḳarlo J̌orǰaneli], pp. 235-243
Schinaarssi [Contents], p. (244)
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