Retrato de Toscanini

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"Arturo Toscanini. Un retrato" [Arturo Toscanini. Ein Bildnis] in:

Hombres, libros y ciudades [Barcelona, 1963], No. 5, pp. (74)-82 [Translated by the Editorial Juventud]. Here entitled: "Arturo Toscanini. Un retrato"
El misterio de la creación artística [Madrid, 2010], No. 4, pp. 63-77 [Translator not indicated]. Here entitled: "Prólogo al libro Toscanini de Paul Stefan"
Prohombres del espíritu [Buenos Aires, 1940], No. 4, pp. (95)-106 [Translated by Alfredo Cahn]. Here entitled: "Retrato de Arturo Toscanini"
Retrato de Toscanini. Buenos Aires: Editorial Claridad, 1954. 188p. Illustrated with many photographs. Prefaces by Stefan Zweig and Friderike Maria Zweig Winternitz [Biblioteca musical, 8]. Stefan Zweig, "Retrato de Arturo Toscanini", pp. 7-16. Friderike Maria Zweig Winternitz, "Prefacio", pp. (65)-77 [The prefaces were translated into Spanish by Gregory Warren]

See: Begegnungen mit Menschen, Büchern, Städten [Wien/Leipzig/Zürich, 1937], No. 5, pp. (38)-92

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