Risālah min imra'ah majhūlah

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[1962]: Cairo

Risālah min imra'ah majhūlah [A movie based on Stefan Zweig's novella "Brief einer Unbekannten"]

Director: Ṣalaḥ Abū Sayf
Composer: Andre Ryder
Producer: Ramsīs Najīb
Script writers: Fatḥī Zaki and Wafīya Khayrī
Dialogue writer: al-Sayyid Badīr
Song writer: Farīd al-Aṭrash
Cast: Farīd al-Aṭrash, Lubnā 'Abd al-'Azīz, Amīnah Rizq, and Mārī Munīb
Runtime: 2 hours
Released in Egypt on 22 October 1962

Released as a VHS video in the 1980s by the Aflām Jamāl al-Laythī lil-Sīnimā wa-al-Vīdiyū, Cairo and in the 1990s in London. Contains French and English subtitles

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