Shatryn tuuj

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[2018]: Monsudar Khevleliin Gazar, Ulaanbaatar [formerly Ulan Bator]

Shatryn tuuj [Schachnovelle]. Translated by N. Luvsandorj. Edited by N. Javkhlan. 100p. [Monsudar utga zokhiol tsuvral (Monsudar Literature Series) 19]

Garchig [Contents]:

Garchig [Contents], p. 3
Ömnökh üg [Preface], pp. 5-14
Shatryn tuuj [Schachnovelle], pp. 15-90
Tailbar züült [Explaining Note], pp. 91-100

See the ad by the Mongolian publishing house (including a preview of the first 20p.):

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