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"Vepër autobiografike – Stefan Cvajg : Bota e djeshme – Kujtime të një evropiani / Përktheu në shqip: Aristidh Ristani" [An Autobiographical Work - Stefan Zweig: The World of Yesterday - Memories of a European. Translated into Albanian by Aristidh Ristani] in Galaktika Poetike “Atunis” [Poetic Galaxy “Atunis”] [Albania?], 28 September 2017

"Galaktika Poetike “Atunis”" [Poetic Galaxy “Atunis”] is an international web forum of a predominantly Albanian constituency, administered by the Albanian writer Agron Shele. "Atunis" is the Etruscan version of Adonis

Published online:

This is a review of the Albanian translation

Bota e djeshme. Kujtime të një evropiani [Die Welt von Gestern. Erinnerungen eines Europäers]. Translated by Aristidh Ristani. 441p. Tirana: Santori, 2012

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