Skakistikē nouvela

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[1991]: Ekdoseis Agra, Athēna

Skakistikē nouvela [Schachnovelle]. Translated with an afterword by Maria Angelidou. 8 unnumbered pages of photographs. Cover design: Knights of the Square Table [1946-61] by Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp. 127/(1)p. Photograph of Stefan Zweig, p. (118). 2nd edition, 2008


Skakistikē nouvela, pp. 9-(117)
Ergobiographia Stefan Tsvaïch [A discussion of Zweig's life and works], pp. 119-(128)

[2014]: Ekdoseis Gnose, Athēna

Skakistikē nouvela [Schachnovelle]. Translated by Maria Angelidou. 127/(1)p.

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