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[1929]: Northwestern University Library, Evanston, IL

Thanks to Books [Dank an die Bücher]. Translated by Theodore Wesley Koch. 4 leaves. Illustrated. [A New year's Greeting for 1930]. Mimus "A New Year’s Greeting for 1930". 4 leaves. illus. Evanston: Northwestern University Library, no date [For Members of the Limited Editions Club]; 9 leaves. Evanston: Northwestern University, The Deering Library, no date

Reprinted in:

Libraries [Library Bureau, Chicago, IL], 35:3 [March 1930], pp. 113-114
News Notes and Quoations [Baltimore, MD], No. 29 [1939], p. (8)
The Rotarian [International Association of Rotary Clubs, Chicago, IL], 21:2 [February 1931], pp. 30, 56

New translation

"Thanks to Books" [Dank an die Bucher. Translated by Harry Zohn] in The Jewish Quarterly [London], 4:2 [Autumn 1956], p. 18

Reprinted in:

Austriaca and Judaica. Essays and Translations. By Harry Zohn. Washington, D.C./Baltimore/San Francisco/Bern/Frankfurt am Main/Berlin/Vienna/Paris: Peter Lang, 1995, pp. (259)-260 [Austrian Culture. Vol. 15. Harry Zohn General Editor]. See also: [1]. Fiction: In the Snow and The Legend of the Third Dove. [2]. Essays: The Tower of Babel. [3]. Secondary Literature:Zohn, Harry, The Burning Secret of Stephen Branch; or A Cautionary Tale About a Physician Who Could Not Heal Himself
Caravan: A Jewish Quarterly Omnibus. Edited by Jacob Sonntag. New York/London: Yoseloff, 1962, pp. 255-256
Librarianship. By B. S. Gujrati. New Delhi: Lakshmi Book Store, 1964, pp. 1-3
Of, By, and For Librarians. Further Contributions to Library Literature. Compiled by John David Marshall. Hamden, CT: The Shoestring Press, 1960, pp. 3-4
The Satruday Review (of Literature) [New York], 41 [8 February 1958], p. 24
The Wilson (Library) Bulletin [New York], 32:7 [March 1958], pp. 477-478
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