The Old-Book Peddler and Other Tales for Bibliophiles

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[1937]: Northwestern University, The Charles Deering Library, Evanston, IL

The Old-Book Peddler and Other Tales for Bibliophiles. Translated with a preface by Theodore W. Koch. vii/107/(1)p.


Preface [Theodore W. Koch], pp. v-vi
Books Are the Gateway to the World [Das Buch als Eingang zur Welt], pp. 1-18
The Old-Book Peddler. A Viennese Tale for Bibliophiles [Buchmendel], pp. 19-73
The Invisible Collection. An Episode from the Post-War Inflation [Die unsichtbare Sammlung. Eine kleine Episode aus der deutschen Inflation], pp. 74-103
Thanks to Books [Dank an die Bücher], pp. 104-107
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