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“The Future of Writing in a World at War. Stefan Zweig Talks on the Plight of the European Artist and the Probable Form of the Literature of the Coming Years” in The New York Times Book Review [New York], Vol. 1940 [28 July 1940], p. 2

Reprinted in:

Writers and Writing. By Robert van Gelder. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1946, pp. 86-89
The Penquin Book of Interviews. London: Viking Press, 1993, pp. 366-368
The Norton Book of Interviews. An Anthology from 1859 to the Present Day. Edited with an introduction by Christopher Silvester. 1st American edition. New York/London: W. W. Norton & Company, (1996), pp. 366-368
Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism. Vol. 17. Edited by Dennis Poupard and James E. Person, Jr. Detroit: Gale Research Company, (1985), pp. 427-428 [Excerpts]


“Ein Gespräch mit Stefan Zweig” [Translated from the English by Robert Hammer] in Internationale Literatur. Deutsche Blätter [Moskau], 11:1 [January 1941], pp. 38-40

"Stefan Zweig: Wie sich die Schriftstellerei in einer kriegerischen Welt entwickeln wird" in Robert Van Gelder. Prominente plaudern. Translated by Gottfried Ippisch. Wien: Humboldt Verlag, 1948, pp. 72-75

"Die Zukunft des Schreibens in einer Welt im Krieg" in Zweigheft / zweigheft 06 [Salzburg, 2012], No. 2, pp. 7-11. Translated into German by Erwin Einziger

Reprinted in:

Stefan Zweig - Abschied von Europa [Wien, 2014], No. 23, pp. 281-284


“V nemetskom izdanii ‘Internatsional’noi literatury’” in Internatsional’naia literatura [Moskva], No. 2 [February 1941], pp. 237-239. This version consists of the highlights of the German version, a response by Johannes Becher to the Zweig interview, and a summary of the articles in issues Nos. 1 and 2 of the Internationale Literatur for 1941. See [1]. Becher, Johannes Robert. “Standhaftigkeit”

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