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[1]. "Stīfān Zfāygh, aḥad bunāt al-ʿālam. Difʾ al-ḥayāt fī ghurfatayn wa-sījār wa-ziyārah li-l-maqhā" [Stefan Zweig, One of the Master Builders of the World. The Warmth of Life in Two Rooms and a Cigar and a Visit in the Coffeehouse] in Al-Mustaqbal [The Future] [Beirut], 11 December 2005, pp. ??

Al-Mustaqbal [The Future] is a Lebanese daily

Published online:


[2]. "Stīfān Zfāyj... aḥad bunāt al-ʿālam: (difʾ al-ḥayāt fī ghurfatayn, wa-sījār wa-ziyārah wāḥidah fī ʾl-yawm li-l-maqhā)" [Stefan Zweig... One of the Master Builders of the World: (the Warmth of Life in Two Rooms, and a Cigar and One Visit per Day in the Coffeehouse)] in Manārāt [Manarat / Lighthouses] [Baghdad], Vol. 9: No. 2477 [9 May 2012], Stefan Zweig, pp. 14-15. This is a republication of No. 1 above

Manārāt [Manarat / Lighthouses] is a weekly cultural supplement to the Iraqi daily Al-Madā [The Reach]

Published online:



[3]. "Stīfān Zfāyj... aḥad bunāt al-ʿālam" [Stefan Zweig... One of the Master Builders of the World] in Al-Madā [The Reach] [Baghdad], No. 3053 [8 April 2014], pp. ??

This is a republication of the previous article, omitting the last paragraph

Published online:


[4]. "Minṭaqah muḥarrarah : shukran li-l-rawy wa-huwa yunqidh al-ʿālam [A Liberated Area - Thanks to Narrating, Since It Saves the World] in Al-Madā [The Reach] [Baghdad], No. 2049 [31 May 2016], pp. ??

Published online:


[5]. "Minṭaqah muḥarrarah : fī ḥājat al-kātib kamā yaqtariḥuhā aḥad bunāt al-ʿālam" [A Liberated Area - in Need of a Writer as Proposed by One of the Master Builders of the World] in Al-Madā [The Reach] [Baghdad], No. 2022 [19 September 2017], pp. ??

This article is mainly inspired by the previous two articles [1]. and [2].

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