Yu mogui bodou

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[[Category:Historical Studies / Volumes (Chinese)]]
[[Category:Historical Studies / Volumes (Chinese)]]
[[Category:Historical Studies / Individual Essays (Chinese)]]

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[1998]: Dongfang Chubanshe, Beijing

Yu mogui bodou [Der Kampf mit dem Dämon]. Translated by Tong Wang. 3/(1)/14/255p. [Series: Hei pi shu xilie / Series of Black Covered Books]


Qianyan [Zweig’s foreword], pp. 1-14
He’erdelin [Hölderlin], pp. 1-114
Heiyinlixi feng Keleisite [Heinrich von Kleist], pp. 115-180
Fulidelixi Nicai [Friedrich Nietzsche], pp. 181-255
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