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"Kamā law anna bika jūʿan li-ltihām al-bashar" [As If There Were a Hunger in You to Devour Human Beings!] in Bānūrāmā : nāfidhatuka ʿalā ʾl-ʿālam [Panorama Newspaper. Your Window to the World] [Baghdad / Parramatta, NSW, Australia], Vol. 8, No. ? [2 December 2015], pp. ??

The Iraqi daily Bānūrāmā [Panorama] is published by Widād Farḥān

Starting with a long quote from Castellio, the reviewer compares the "medieval" religious intolerance of Calvin's Geneva and the Inquisition with the same kind of fanaticism practised by Al-Qaeda and their ilk in present-day Muslim countries. Muslims, and especially the Arabs among them, should follow the example of the Christians and "liberate their religion from this criminal way of denouncing others as heretics"

Published online:

This is a review of the Arabic translation:

ʿUnf al-diktātūriyyah [The Violence of Dictatorship = Castellio gegen Calvin oder Ein Gewissen gegen die Gewalt]. Translated by Fāris Yūwākīm [Fares Youakim]. 223p. 1st edition. Beirut: Dār al-Furāt li-l-Nashr waʾl-Tawzīʿ, 2013

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