2016 April 15-16: Austrian Modernism and the Habsburg Myth

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Austrian Modernism and the Habsburg Myth [15-16 April 2016]. This colloquium held at Yale University and organized by the Yale German Department. Sponsors: [1]. Stefan Zweig Centre of Salzburg. [2]. Yale Beinecke Library. [3]. Yale Kemp Fund. [4]. Yale European Studies Council. [5]. The Austrian Cultural Forum New York

Friday, April 15. W. L. Harkness Hall 207

Kirk Wetters [Yale]: "Welcoming Address"
Klemens Renoldner [Stefan Zweig Centre, Salzburg]: "Introduction"

Panel 1: Austria" Circa 1918: Myths and Concepts, Cultural and Political. Moderator: Marci Shore [Yale]

Werner Michler [Salzburg]: "Austria, A World of its Own - Literary Models from the Totalizing to the Fragmentary"
Clemens Peck [Salzburg]: "Utopian Habsburg Around 1900 (from Chicago to Jerusalem)"
Konstanze Fliedl [Vienna]: "The Impressionist in Ourselves: Myths of the Fin de Siècle"

Keynote Lecture. W. L. Harkness Hall 207

Scott Spector [University of Michigan]: "Elsewhere in Austria: Jewish Writing Between 'Habsburg Myth' and 'Central Europe Effect'"

Saturday, April 16. W. L. Harkness Hall 309

Rüdiger Campe [Yale]: "Introduction"

Panel II: Two Case Studies in Vienna Modernism: Stefan Zweig, Hermann Broch. Moderator: Katie Trumpener [Yale]

Paul Reitter [Ohio State]: "On Hatred of Zweig"
Kirk Wetters [Yale]: "'Fateful Hours': Stefan Zweig's Demonic Histories"
Florian Fuchs [Yale]: "Past Everyday: Broch's and Zweig's Novellas after the Novel"
Norbert Christian Wolf [Salzburg]: "Nekrolog auf eine Kultur aus dem Geist des Exils: Hermann Brochs Hofmannsthal-Essay"

Beinecke Holdings. Sterling Memorial Library, Room 177

Kevin Repp [Yale]: Presentation of Beinecke Holdings

Panel III: Satire or Joke, Kraus or Freud: The Conflict of Culture in Modernism. Sterling Memorial Library, Room 177. Moderator: Paul North [Yale]

Yotam Hotam [Yale]: "Taking a Shortcut Through the Law: The Joke and its Relationship to Freud"
Anna Souchuk [DePaul]: "Trench Rats: Deborah Sengl's Re-Imaginings of The Last Days of Mankind"
Karl Wagner [Zürich]: "'Requiem for Habsburg': Satirical Negotiations Around 1918 (Karl Kraus, Alfred Polgar, Joseph Roth)"
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