2016 July 28: IGNCA Book Circle @ Reference Library

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2016 July 28: IGNCA Book Circle @ Reference Library

"IGNCA Book Circle @ Reference Library", in: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India [New Delhi], [no date indicated]

Published online:


This is an invitation to a book launch ("Antaryatrayen : vaaya Viyana" [Intervals: via Vienna]. Panchkula 2016) by Oma Sharma [Omā Śarmā], the acclaimed Hindi translator of Stefan Zweig's "Die Welt von Gestern. Erinnerungen eines Europäers" ["Vo guzarā zamānā", Panchkula 2012]. The book launched, "Antaryatrayen : vaaya Viyana", contains eight essays, in which Sharma recounts his travel experiences in India and Europe, inter alia, an outstanding and innovative essay in Hindi on Vienna and Austria as cultural setting of Stefan Zweig's œuvre.

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