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[2010]: Mawqiʿ wa-Muntadayāt Kafr al-Zayyāt, Kafr al-Zayyāt [Kafr el Zayat, Egypt]

"Al-Adīb al-nimsāwī Stīfān Zfāyj" [The Austrian Man of Letters Stefan Zweig] in Mawqiʿ wa-Muntadayāt Kafr al-Zayyāt [Homepage and Forum of Kafr el Zayat], Kafr el Zayat, 21 November 2010. Abū Yaḥyā is a pseudonym. Author's name unknown

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This is a review of Junūn al-ḥubb [Love's Madness], comprising the Arabic translations "24 [Arbaʿ wa-ʿishrūn] sāʿah fī ḥayāt imraʾah" and "Junūn al-ḥubb" of Stefan Zweig's two novellas "Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau" and "Brennendes Geheimnis". The reviewer and administrator of the web forum "Mawqiʿ wa-Muntadayāt Kafr al-Zayyāt" [Homepage and Forum of Kafr el Zayat] displays, in the way he decorates the webpage (as accessed on 29 September 2017), open hostility towards Israel and unbridled admiration for Hitler and his attempt to annihilate the Jews, while he seems, in the text of his very positive review, not even aware of Stefan Zweig's Jewish identity and the true reasons for his exile in Brazil. Due to the criticism directed here against "Abū Yaḥyā"'s overt admiration for Hitler's genocide, the administrator of the web forum has meanwhile modified the display of his review [as of 12 October 2017] and removed Hitler's infamous dictum justifying the extinction of the Jewish people.

See: Junūn al-ḥubb [Love's Madness]. Edited by Maḥmūd Qāsim. Translator not indicated. 214p. Cairo: Dār al-Hilāl, 2010

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