The Everlasting Road

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[[Category:Dramas / Individual Dramas (English)]]
[[Category:Dramas / Individual Dramas (English)]]
[[Category:Dramatic Reading]]
{{DEFAULTSORTKEY:Everlasting Road}}
{{DEFAULTSORTKEY:Everlasting Road}}

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A dramatic reading from Stefan Zweig's tragedy 'Jeremiah'. Presented by the ABC Public Affairs Department. No date indicated. Willey Hance, Producer. William R. Ayers, Director. Jack Sullivan, Associate Director. For the American Jewish Community: Milton E. Krents and Frances P. Rosenberg. Rabbi Morris N. Kertzer, Program Advisor. 35 leaves. A copy is located in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, CT. Steven H. Scheuer Collection of Television Program Scripts Uncat Za MS 452 box folder 3

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